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Part of Lyric Need song name PLZ! Early 90's-Give me a chance, if i had a cMadCraker867209/02/2008 05:01 AM
1993-ish pop song - cannot find artist/title ANYWHERE!Fluke06668008/25/2008 12:13 PM
What's the name of this song?..Liekomgitsme904208/01/2008 04:26 PM
BEEN LOOKING FOR OVER 10 YEARS!69868307/26/2008 04:41 PM
Please Helpkitt1993587507/23/2008 11:38 PM
90`s r&b songshacake78760207/23/2008 10:48 PM
i see a few people have asked the same thingshacake78429007/18/2008 01:48 PM
okay dan helped me who sings the songsshacake78697107/18/2008 09:02 AM
okay dan helped me who sings the songsshacake78501007/18/2008 04:35 AM
i need helpshacake78712207/18/2008 01:10 AM
excellent late 90s/early 00s R&B quiet storm songel4945107/13/2008 04:48 AM
Need to know name of song and groupbeautifulmommy519007/11/2008 11:41 AM
R&B song artistGood Music Fanatic797307/11/2008 11:41 AM
Please help me figure out this song :(clutoledo870207/09/2008 01:45 PM
"Cocomanjoo"??? Or Something Like That...Song Title From Like 1997friendlyswapper784306/04/2008 01:51 AM
Country song from mid 90's anyone....?lizbaby007669105/14/2008 05:22 PM
Can't get song out of my head......Lovemusic668105/06/2008 05:34 PM
early 90's reggae songkhronus334544105/06/2008 11:52 AM
this is kinda vague but if anyone can help its annoyin megnikregrub722204/23/2008 05:20 PM
90's song name and artist needed...please!Joy854304/15/2008 03:43 AM
Down by the Pepsi sign ... The Kid's AmericanKingSlikk691204/12/2008 01:47 PM
The Conscious DaughtersBLOODTHUGGG616004/10/2008 04:21 AM
If it's true say to me...Selave (Girl group)mrosewheels1553204/07/2008 11:23 AM
Ika wika wanne - KNOW it's (gotta be) spelled wrongKingSlikk1379204/07/2008 10:50 AM
Looking for a song. Can anyone remember it.mcnight061042204/07/2008 08:32 AM

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