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Posted: 11/11/08 11:44 AM
Author: robmagic
Location: uk
Posts: 1


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looking for a song
from the later 90's 95 onwards. I think it was a one hit wonder cus I dont remember the person bringing another song after this one. It was sung by an african man i think. It was a catchy song, i knew a few people who liked it. I think the cd cover was yellow with a picture of the man dancing with some sort of tribal clothes on i think. Not alot of info thats maybe y i cant seem to find it. any help would be appreciated. many thanks.

Posted: 08/09/10 06:37 PM
Author: singing_heather01
Location: USA
Posts: 13


looking for a song
could it be "People Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)", or even "Tennessee" by Arrested Development? They didn't have alot of songs that actually made it to the radio.

Here is a YouTube link to "People Everyday"

Here is a YouTube link to "Tennessee"

I hope this helps.

Aaron From OHWC
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