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Posted: 09/29/09 10:09 AM
Author: mygeeromance
Location: Australia
Posts: 2


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90's Female Pop Group
My brain's about to explode! Please help!

There was a female group, pretty sure it was a trio, in the 90's and i can't remember the name of them or their song. (i know i've made it hard) They only had one single.

In the video, one of them had really short bright red hair and they had sparkley tops. One scene they're singing in the street during the day. Another scene they're singing with a white background with brighter coloured tops. Got a feeling one had a bright blue top and one had a hot pink top. And one more part where they're singing with a black background with darker tops and i think there may have even been some flames in the background in that part too. It was a rather calm smooth song.

I know this is a tricky one but even if you're not sure and you think you may have an idea just chuck a few names at me and have a stab, coz you may just be right.

Thank you XXXX

Aaron From OHWC
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