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Posted: 05/24/09 03:44 AM
Author: aLPhajerk
Location: San Francisco
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A real head-scratcher
OK I have very little info to give. I barely remember the sound of the band, I definitely do not remember any lyrics.

I had the cassette. This was definitely not some local band or a homemade cassette, it was either on a major label or a well-known indie label.

Whenever I think of this band I think THE MUFFS but it is MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE MUFFS. Perhaps the name is similar? The band in question had a female singer, however I seem to remember the other band members being male. I swear the band name must be similar to MUFFS because I always have that name come to the forefront of my mind when trying to remember this band, but I know it is not the muffs. The main distinction being that the muffs are almost happy, cheery smiling whereas the band in question was definitely a dark edge, possibly heroin-addled scariness. Perhaps there was a boyfriend/girlfriend duo fronting the band. Not Royal Trux...

The music could be described as early grunge or alternative rock. There is potential for it to actually be late-80s release but I don't think so...

The cassette album art was all purple, and I think the band name was in a cartoony font, almost like gooey worms spelling out the band name. and there were other random objects (also drawn as a cartoon) scattered around the band name.

The album was very highly critically praise on its release. This is how I came to be aware of the band and purchase the cassette.

The female singer may have come from another respected alt. band before this one?




Aaron From OHWC
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